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Business coaching programs


360 degree view of your business $99

This is a valuable tool for evaluating how your customers /clients view your business. With this information you will be able to pinpoint problem areas and find solutions to some of your business blindspots.

You will receive a 3 page document outlining

Your customers/clients first impressions on your

Customer service
First call (phone)
Business premises
Signage and street appeal
Layout of shop or premises
Advertising and marketing materials
Overall impression of your business

Business coaching programs


Platinum $750 a month. (accelerated business growth in the short term generally 3 to 6 months)

Includes 4 x 60 min coaching sessions per month  face to face or via skype or phone on a weekly basis.

4x 30 min phone or Skype sessions per month

Unlimited email access for the duration of coaching contract.

Unlimited phone access for duration of coaching contract.

Business coaching programs